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Church Clothes

Sometimes when your boys look like the sweetest little men in their church clothes and the lighting outside is perfect, you have to do a mini photo shoot while adventuring in the front yard playing hide and seek (because thats the way little boys do photos).View full post »

4th of July Camping {Family Photography – Lake Almanor, California}

We headed up to Almanor for 4th of July weekend and had a bunch of fun hanging at the lake all day every day but we were exhausted after 3 nights of camping with a 3 and 1.5 year old. We have decided we max out at 2 nights of camping at these ages since none of us can hack the lack of sleep associated with late nights and no naps. Here are some of our favorite shots (it was just too pretty up there not to take far too many photos):He fell asleep while we were out paddle boarding our last day. IView full post »