Maui Vacation {Family Photography – Maui, HI}

We had a blast on Maui. The flight there was pretty miserable but once we got there things clicked pretty quickly. The boys loved the beach and they even slept and took good naps. We were still exhausted but it really worked out as well as it could have with two toddlers. Gary and I used to live on Maui so we also enjoyed being able to see some old friends. We spent every morning at the beach and almost every afternoon at the aquarium. Coop was skeptical of the waves at first but ended up loving them and Jordy was all about the ocean right from the start. They were also  obsessed with the aquarium and ran barefoot to the different exhibits like they owned the place…then Jordy cried almost every visit when we had to leave. I won’t be surprised if at least one of them becomes a marine biologist.

It was difficult to take photos while wrangling a one and two year old at the beach but we managed to get a few shots in and took some video with our gopro so we could have something to look back on. Here are a few of our favorites. (mostly dslr with a few iPhone photos thrown in there)Untitled-13UntitledUntitled-14Untitled-15Untitled-16Untitled-17Untitled-18Untitled-19Untitled-23theboysandmomUntitled - 41Untitled-24Untitled-25Untitled-26Untitled-27Untitled-28Untitled-29Untitled-30Untitled-31Untitled-33Untitled-34Untitled-02




Untitled - 39Untitled-01

A special thanks to our friend Amy for taking these next shots… our kids and my hair were not at all cooperative but I’m glad we got a few 🙂 (they have the McCune Photography watermark since I did the editing and I just forgot to remove it.. in case anyone was wondering)


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