Spring Countdown {Family Photography – Chico, CA}

One thing I love about Northern California is that while we get seasons our winters are generally mild and still give us a few weeks here and there of sunshine and 75 degrees (we are happy campers when we can run around barefoot and leave all the windows open). Here are some of my favorites from the past few months at home, rain or shine.

Spring Countdown-07Spring Countdown-08Rainy Days Around the House-01Rainy Days Around the House-03Rainy Days Around the House-02Rainy Days Around the House-04Rainy Days Around the House-09Rainy Days Around the House-05Rainy Days Around the House-08Rainy Days Around the House-07Rainy Days Around the House-06Rainy Days Around the House-11Rainy Days Around the House-10Spring Countdown-09Spring Countdown-10Spring Countdown-11Spring Countdown-12Spring Countdown-13Spring Countdown-14Spring Countdown-15Spring Countdown-16Spring Countdown-17Spring Countdown-18Spring Countdown-19

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